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You have a package to ship ?

Simple, affordable and hassle-free, you will never see deliveries the same way

OGALO is the solution for you!




Un vendeur remettant un sac à un acheteu

All your delivery needs


HelpING you
getting it done


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Ô Taberna

"Quand OGALO est arrivé, c’était comme un cadeau du ciel et c’était vraiment dans le bon temps. Tout fonctionne super bien. C’est vraiment un bon service et c’est quelque chose qui manquait dans Memphrémagog. Ils m’ont aidé à intégrer le service à mon site transactionnel."
Yann Caron

Tell us about OGALO

Powered by technology developed by Last Link Dynamics, OGALO is an innovative answer to the challenges faced by local business and online stores.

Your time is precious so we have you covered!

More than a simple delivery options validator and delivery service, OGALO provides peace of mind to everyone of our clients by taking care of the following:

  • No need to 

  • No more do you need to search multiple sites to find the best price. We offer FIXED and a very competitive pricing for most of your shipments.

  • We can integrate our solution

  • We can integrate our tools to your online store for a seamless purchase and delivery process. As simple as can be.

  • No more do you need to leave your business to go drop off packages at a shipping center or post office. We will automatically arrange pickups at your door and deliver in record times.

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"Where ever you need to go, OGALO is up for the challenge!"
Jules Paquette, CEO - On duty

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790 rue Principale Ouest, Magog, QC

819 580 3855

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